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Sophisticated and user-friendly design controller offers user a one-stop central control management.  The SP 2008 series controller is capable of controlling up to 128 actuators for daily ventilation operation.   It can connect with multi-point locking device, switch button, rain and wind detector for the desired application.


·  Micro processor and electronic chips control  reliability

·  Various models and larger capability are available

·  Self-diagnosis function indicates the failure position

·  Can be supplied in optional

·  Special functions for operating daily ventilation


Model Power (w) Max Current Output Current of Each Group Dimension (mm) Weight (Kg) Protection Class (IP)
SP2008 250 8 8A
(1 Group)
500 x 400 x 200 18 IP 54
SP2016 450 16 8A
(2 Group)
500 x 400 x 200 20 IP 54
SP2032 850 32 8A
(4 Group)
800 x 600 x 250 30 IP 54
SP2064 1650 64 8A
(8 Group)
800 x 600 x 250 45 IP 54

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